Scrapyard Supercar

If you’re in the UK you may have seen a brand new series on Dave or UKTV Play: Scrapyard Supercar
If you’re not in the UK but in pretty much any other country in the world you may have seen a new series on Nat Geo: Scrapyard Supercar.

scrapyard titles
scrapyard titles 2

And then if you squint hard enough you may have seen that Knight Sky Films did the drone work for the series. Plus I was there primarily as Producer & Director. Again, keep squinting at the telly and you’ll see Matt Knight, along with a huge team of talented and hard working folk.

Very happy with how the series turned out. It wasn’t an easy one by any stretch of the imagination but the final result was excellent. Well done to all involved.

The drone footage was required for 2 things:
Capture the scrapyard and the cars tearing around the tracks. There’s a LOT of aerial footage in the series and very proud to say it was 100% the work of Knight Sky Films.

Side note: There would have been more but disaster struck at the start of what would have been 3 very drone heavy days. A tiny memory card snapped INSIDE the card slot. When does a memory card snap? Evidently when you need it most. Great.


To rub salt into the wounds, the new drone I ordered didn’t turn up but on the last day it turned out someone on location had a Mavic Pro and very kindly allowed me to grab a few shots. If you’ve seen the episode with this big ol’ thing the aerial shots were done with the stand-in drone.

Many thanks to the bloke who lent it to me and for all future shoots, I now carry a back up drone.
Knight Sky Films comes equipped with 2 x  Phantom Pro 4 crafts for all shoots.
In the very unlikely event of a drone fault, there’s a second craft ready to fly in a couple of minutes.



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