What does Knight Sky Films do?
That’s a question with a few answers. We…and when I say we, mostly it’s Matt on his own as a one man band, start to finish – with the client’s input of course.
On bigger projects requiring a team, drafting in skilled and trusted colleagues from the industry isn’t an issue too.

Back to the question. What do we do?

Delivering those beautiful, exciting aerial shots for your TV series or online films that raise production values and/or give that epic sense of scale.
Clients include BBC, National Geographic and a range of corporate companies.
Click here for more info about the process of booking Matt for drone filming and the kind of things you need to keep in mind when considering hiring a drone pilot.
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Got an interesting story to tell and want put that story on to the screen? Get in touch.
The latest project featured fellow filmmaker Terry Abraham. See here.
From planning to filming and editing the final piece, we’ve got it covered.

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The day job. All the skills mentioned above came from a career in the television industry. 
Now Matt produces and directs TV shows for a large number of TV broadcasters and production companies. More info here.

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