Video Editing

Do you have footage and need to edit it together into a professional looking product?

Luckily with Knight Sky Films you’re in good hands.
After all, a video project is only as successful as the final edit.

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Having an in-house up to date edit suite that can cater for any size project, we can take your footage and work our magic on it resulting in a video that represents your business perfectly.

If you have an online presence but don’t have great quality, professionally edited video content you’re missing out on a massive opportunity to sell and advertise your company or product in a way that’s been proven time and time again to generate business.

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We speak with you before, during and after to make sure the vision you have for your footage is realised in a polished video, or series of videos you can use on social media, your website and YouTube etc.

While Matt is skilled at what he does, he’s not a miracle worker. There’s some amazing things you can do with footage that is a bit dark, a bit too bright or the sound or colours aren’t quite right but there are definitely limitations when it comes to video.

Matt will view the footage before beginning work on it and raise any concerns about the footage. And worse case scenario….you film it again….or get us to do it!

Get in touch with Matt here.