Booking: Drone Pilot

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The booking process:

You may REALLY want, nay NEED drone shots in your project, but the work starts with the initial call or email to establish what the job is and most importantly – where it is.

You might have secured access to film in a perfect location and it’s just crying out for some beautiful aerial footage. What you haven’t noticed, is it’s next door to a military base or just down the road from an airport – We don’t want another Gatwick on our hands do we??

Once I get the location from you, I’ll get to work checking the surrounding area and air space. 9 times out of 10, there’s no issues, but it’s better to find out now, rather than the night before filming.

Here’s the most basic thing to think about….with the drone in the air will it be within 50m of a road, members of public, even other buildings that haven’t agreed to be part of the filming?

If so….sorry, time for a rethink. Remember, that’s 50m AROUND the drone in all directions. That’s a lot of space you need to shoot safely.
Have a look at this document for more info.

If the distances can’t be maintained through the area you wish to shoot in it’s not legal, it’s not insured and it’s not worth risking the possibility of damaging property, cars or injuring people for the shot.

I get a lot of interest from TV shows or businesses wanting a property filmed from the air. A country manor? Not a problem A new office block in the middle of a city centre? Unlikely – but not impossible. Roads can be shut down, or barriers can be put up to keep members of the public out etc.

The good news: Cars, people and buildings that have agreed to the filming and are part of the production are deemed to be ‘under the control’ of the drone pilot, and there’s NO minimum distance. So filming a car on a track for example – the production crew and office on site might be 20m away. That’s fine.

What you get:

  • A CAA Authorised Drone Pilot insured for up to £5 million and over a decade of experience in the TV industry.
  • A drone and kit such as high viz, cones etc.
  • A site assessment and Risk Assessment. I’m from a production background, I know how difficult it can be getting the right paperwork from people. Not this time.