Info: Drones

Knight Sky Films provides a professional aerial filming service with the use of SUA’s – which is just a fancy word for drones.

I will now refer to myself in the third person…

Matt Knight has over a decade’s worth of experience writing, shooting, directing and producing TV shows for a range of UK and worldwide TV channels. Having filmed in challenging environments from the Mojave desert in summer, a Swedish wilderness in winter to a shopping centre in Macclesfield (true story, barely made it out alive), his creative eye for capturing the perfect shot translates seamlessly to the world of aerial filming.

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You’re not getting someone off the street who fancied having a go at filming with a drone. You’re getting someone who spends every working day producing and directing content and providing stunning aerial footage for the likes of National Geographic, BBC and Channel 4.

And of course, he is CAA Approved – which is the ‘licence’ you need to fly drones commercially. Don’t employ the services of drone pilots without this. It’s not safe and it’s not legal.

Click here to book Matt for aerial filming and to see some info on the booking process.

If you didn’t catch it on the homepage, here’s some examples of the aerial footage you could get for your project: